Case Studies

Results Through our national Network of Affiliates, the following are examples of results that a few of our clients have achieved. While we developed and facilitated the process, these results were designed and generated by the employees of their respective organizations; therefore the buy-in was very high, the gains were maintained, and the satisfaction levels grew significantly.

Case 1: Healthcare Organization
Challenges: Organization was seeking leadership development for their senior team to help with their poor communication.

Action: Used D.I.AL.O.G. (organizational evaluation instrument) to bring additional alignment to organization, Executive Leadership development process for senior team, and administered Attribute Index personal assessment tool to each participant to help with team building and collaboration.

Result: Communication improved, discovered who their high performers were and who was struggling, and shifted job responsibilities based on those facts.

Case 2: Insurance Company and Broker
Challenges: Company was in need of a Strategic Plan.

Action: Implemented Strategic Planning process, Executive Leadership development process, Management development process, and Leadership development process for staff members.

Result: Completed 95% of strategic plan initiatives, and the team is now functioning at a high level of alignment.

Case 3: Non-Profit Organization
Challenges: Pressure from internal and external financial obligations due to the downturn in the economy, increased competition, and they were suffering from lack in donations.

Action: Donor Loyalty Development process and administered Attribute Index personal assessment tool to each participant so they could get a better understanding of themselves and the strengths to be improved upon throughout the development process.

Result: Organization began working together more strategically, key accounts were contacted and relationships were strengthened.

Case 4: Higher Educational Department
Challenges: Organizational Strategic Plan for Long-term Program Sustainability.

Action: Implemented the Strategic Planning process, marketing planning and fiscal sustainability plans. development process for sales representatives.

Result: Organization structured their systems more strategically that resulted in client retention, increased revenues from trainings and sustained program.

Case 5: Custom Printing Company
Challenges: The president wanted the staff to focus more on the customer, had production challenges, and jobs weren’t being completed on time.

Action: Customer Service development process for staff, Executive Leadership development process for the president, and Management development process for the production manager.

Result: Sales, productivity, liquidity, and profitability exceeded goals that were set for the year.

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Case 6: Non-profit Organization
Challenges: Annual Goals Setting, Board Development and Leadership Succession Planning

Action: Implemented the Annual Goals process, Board of Directors developed organizational structure and
developed a success plan.

Results: Initiated and/or completed all established goals, abided by the new Board of Directors structure and started the succession plan steps.

Case 7: Stone Fabrication Organization
Challenges: The company had an inexperienced management team, growth was stagnant, and the company was in the red financially.

Action: Executive Leadership, Customer Service, and Sales development processes for staff.

Result: The company has grown 400%, going from a $1M company to a $5M company.

Case Studies

Case 8: Service Company
Challenges: Three-year-old service company was under constant price pressure.

Actions: Implemented Strategic Planning Process which redefined their business and positioned the company for profitable growth. Instituted Customer Value Measurement process, which defined strengths and identified areas of limitations so that they could be immediately addressed. After three years with double-digit growth, used D.I.AL.O.G. organizational evaluation instrument to bring additional alignment to internal systems.

Result: Company recognized by national financial reporting network as "Most successful, non-internet IPO in 1998,” a 96% client retention rate, and lowest employee turnover within its industry.

Case 9: Manufacturing Company
Challenges: International high technology equipment manufacturer was too dependent upon semi-conductor industry.

Action: Integrated business plans developed by marketing and sales management.

Result: Plan implemented by industry teams resulted in reduced dependence and growth in new segments.